Whipped Cream - The Most Convenient Way

Cream Chargers – A More Economical and Convenient Way To Prepare Whipped Cream

Cream chargers, which are also known as whippits or nitrous oxide cartridges, are now amongst the principal tools and gadgets used in the food industry because of their ability to help produce first-rate whipped cream.

Little wonder then that whipped cream chargers are becoming increasingly popular by the day.

The culinary world today cannot be imagined without whipped cream, which is now a key ingredient used in several dishes, particularly beverages like coffee and hot chocolate.

Whipped cream also lets you garnish your drinks and desserts at home and you can literally create magic with them in the kitchen.

Making whipped cream now a breezeCream Whipper

And ever since cream chargers arrived at the scene, preparing whipped cream has become a breeze.

Earlier, this used to be a tedious activity that involved mixing heavy cream, flavorings, and sugar together. And now it is so easy that you can literally portray yourself as an amateur baker or chef.

Whipped cream chargers basically are used to refill gas in the capsules fitted at the top of cream dispensers.

This gas is N2O and as it mixes with the cream in a cream dispenser, we get the whipped cream that we are talking about.

If you have limited time to make whipped cream, you can just put heavy cream in a cream dispenser and add sweetener and your desired flavor to it.

You must know that just a drop of any flavored syrup can increase the flavor of your whipped cream manifold. Then as you allow N2O to enter the dispenser, you will eventually have whipped cream that is much denser and richer.

Your dispenser shall have a nozzle through which you can put the cream on top of the things you wish to decorate and make tastier.

Many benefits to avail

With a cream charger and a dispenser, you can prepare fresh whipped cream whenever you want and not make do with those available in cans.

You can use your preferred flavor and the costs you incur will be cheaper. You can even have less sugar if you want, which also makes it a healthier option.

N2O is not hazardous as some believe for many research laboratories have testified this.

Whipped cream can be stored in the refrigerator and it shall not decompose for nearly 10 days as a result of the natural antibiotic properties of nitrous oxide.

Cream chargers for sale are now available in plenty and the new MagicWhip cream charger is worth a try for it lets you refill gas in your cream dispenser in a jiffy.

Order one now if you haven’t already.