Whipped Cream Siphons - Fun Facts

Whipping Siphon & Some Fun Facts

If you have a whipping siphon at home, you have an object that has some pedigree and interesting facts to its credit.

To begin with, it is not a 21st century innovation. Whipping siphon first came into existence in the 1930s and all of a sudden, people came to know about a device that had a button on pressing which bubbles of gas whipped the cream put inside it.

And now almost a century later, the thing in question has become a must-have for modern day chefs as it saves them their precious time and effort and ensures quality.Cream Siphon


And the day you too learn about the multiple uses of a cream dispenser and know how to optimize it, life in kitchen will be more fun and never the same again.

Whipping siphons have three variants viz. hot, cold, and vacuum insulated. Hot whippers hold their own for when it comes to temperature control, their usefulness really comes to the fore. 

That does not mean that the other two are bad alternatives as you can make in them a majority of the recipes that one prepares in a cream dispenser.

Making a cake by using a cream whipper is much easier compared to the more traditional option i.e. one involving the use of an oven.It’s faster and there are no elaborate preparations. Even the taste won’t be such that you will be reminded of using a makeshift option all the time.

As far as making cool beverages is concerned, there is again more than one option to avail but it’s only when you do a proper comparison that you will realize why whipping siphon is better than the rest.

Carbonating machines are weighty and can only carbonate water. What’s more, refilling them is also costly.

For flavored soda, you again have to learn how to skillfully use those small powdered packets. But with a whipping siphon, you can make natural beverages using fresh ingredients.

Whipping siphon has proved to be a boon for calorie-conscious people who can prepare lighter versions of heavy, fatty foods.

Now we have talked a lot about whipping siphons but we must not forget about the other thing that enables them to have the crucial N2O gas that plays a pivotal role in whipping cream in a dispenser.

If you use your cream whipper daily or regularly, it will be wiser if you buy something like MagicWhip cream charger instead of purchasing small whip cream chargers wholesale or in bulk. It’s one device that will save you time, effort, and money simultaneously.