Whipped Cream & More With Cream Chargers

Cream dispensers aren’t meant to just serve their fundamental purpose

Right so you got a cream dispenser along with some cream chargers and now you must be able to make quality whipped cream in a jiffy. However, you will do yourself a great disfavor if you use your cream whipper just for its primary purpose.

You can’t even imagine how useful your whipping siphon can be as it can really bring your culinary skills to the fore. You can prepare never-tried-before delicacies in your kitchen and also try out those eatables and beverages that you generally have outside.

Some interesting options have been shared below:

  1. Deep-Fry Fish Batter

You get fish from outside and then you can make its batter in your cream dispenser that you can later on use for deep frying.

The thing about deep fry batter is that the lighter it is, the better it tastes on being fried extensively. And this is exactly what will happen when you prepare the batter in your dispenser.

It will indeed be a pleasure to have it with your friends or guests.

  1. Pickles

It is common knowledge that since time immemorial, making pickles has always been a very time-consuming task. Imagine preparing the same in just half an hour.

This is not an exaggeration but a fact that is made possible through cream dispensers.

The pressure caused by N2O fast-tracks the whole process and the pickles that you get in the end will look as if they have been marinated in brine for weeks.

  1. Cake

Yes you read it right. Instead of using baking powder, if you turn to your whipping siphon, you will be able to prepare batter for cake that will be light as air.

It’s all about saving time when you prepare cake using your cream dispenser in which you can store your batter for up to 10 days (in the refrigerator of course) and prepare cake in just a minute.

  1. Cold Brew Coffee

You must have had cold brew coffee at Starbucks that happens to be the pioneer of this beverage.

And now what if we say that you can prepare this thing at home and the brewing, instead of taking a few weeks, will just take a few minutes? This again is possible through the use of cream dispensers.

Once you stop using your cream whipper only for its fundamental purpose, you will probably start using it more regularly.

And then instead of buying small whip cream chargers in bulk, you can go for MagicWhip Cream Charger and spend less time and effort to recharge your whipping siphon.