Whipped Cream - All You Should Know

Whipped Cream: More Familiarity Equals Greater Pleasure

We all know what whipped cream is and how it is made.However, to derive greater pleasure from the thing in question, you need to be more familiar with it. As you upgrade your knowledge on whipped cream, you will realize how effective it is and use it more than what you have so far.

So, we will talk about things vis-à-vis whipped cream that aren’t really common knowledge. To begin with, whipped cream can be put atop tea as well and whipped toppings and whipped cream aren’t the same.

Moving forward, if you want that the whipped cream you make should not have a grainy texture, you must use confectioner’s sugar that easily dissolves in cream.

If ever you hear of Chantilly cream, do not be bemused as it is nothing but whipped cream flavored with vanilla.

The frosting that you see on cakes or the spread that you see in cookie sandwiches is nothing but whipped cream.

If whipped cream easily results in the formation of soft and light peaks, that’s because it’s made with heavy cream wherein the butter fat percentage is much higher. Try

doing the same with whole milk and you won’t get the same results.

As you start whipping heavy cream, air starts making its way into the liquid and because of the high amount of fat, bubbles begin to form,creating a stable mass.

The fat in the heavy cream is responsible for forming little air pockets all throughout the mixture.

The air pockets in turn are enveloped in a thin film of water that contains protein and other nutrients. If the amount of whipped cream that you get in the end is double the heavy cream that you use for making it, it’s all because of the innumerable air bubbles.

Canned whipped cream has been in use for long; so, it does not merit outright rejection as it has its share of merits.

However, the thing with whipped cream is that the fresher it is, the better it tastes. Therefore, homemade whipped cream is preferable to its canned counterpart.

When you have a canister or a cream dispenser at home, it acts as a reusable can for to use the whipped cream inside it, you have to press a button and in virtually every case, you must shake the container vigorously once the whipped cream is ready.

For recharging this device, you can use something like MagicWhip cream charger, one of the best cream chargers available in the market today, which is any day  better option that buying small whip cream chargers wholesale or in bulk.