Cream Dispensers - Warranting An Evolution

Cream Dispensers Warranting An Evolution

The cream dispenser or cream whipper that we use for making whipped cream is a very handy device but is there something amiss or a loophole that should be plugged? Let’s find out. A whipping siphon produces whipped cream with the help of nitrous oxide that it procures from the cream charger that is attached to it. 

N2O easily gets dissolved in fat. So, it dissolves in whipping cream and releases bubbles as pressure is released. N2O does not allow cream to become rancid either. And while cream dispenser makers claim that the nitrous oxide used in their products is pure and will not cause any health issues, another worrying feature of this gas cannot be overlooked.Whip cream dispenser

It is believed that nitrous oxide is 300 times more harmful than carbon dioxide when it comes to contributing to global warming. Another figure reveals that the carbon footprint of 1.5 liters of whipped cream is 5.4kg CO2 eq.

So, can we think of using other gases? Oxygen and carbon dioxide seem like two feasible alternatives as they are soluble in fat. But while the former can cause cream to become rancid, the latter meanwhile would make the cream that you prepare acidic and allow it to curdle. 

Hand whisks are no match for cream whippers. They will take much longer for the preparation of whipped cream, could get a big thumbs down from consumers, and may cause a lot of inconvenience to food suppliers.

So now we come to the crux of the matter. The above analysis suggests that we cannot do away with cream dispensers completely. However, they can probably be tinkered with and it will not be wrong to say that the product in question is warranting an evolution. An alternative design is what can do the trick.

Presently, nitrous oxide is released from the cartridge in one go and then whipping cream is stored and used as and when required.

How nice will it be if only the cream that has to be whipped is mixed with nitrous oxide rather than having an entire dispenser whipped, which is what is happening currently. Perhaps, in future, we will have cream dispensers wherein nitrous oxide will get mixed with cream when it about to be dispensed. This will ensure less use of N2O. 

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