Cream Dispensers To Make Coffee

Reinvigorate Coffee Drinking With Cream Dispenser

Are you a coffee lover?

Is at least one cup of coffee in a day mandatory and you just can’t make do without it?

So if having coffee is a daily activity, then with time permitting, why not make it more interesting?


As you keep adding an element of freshness to it, your everyday task of making coffee will no longer remain a chore and instead be fun. One device that can of real use here is your cream dispenser.

You can’t even imagine the different types of coffee you can enjoy by putting your cream whipper to effective use. Below we have shared 3 interesting options you may have thought are the prerogative of coffee shops but that you too can prepare easily:

Café Frappe

This is something that you can prepare on Sunday evening and have it the next day. In the middle of your work, when this cool beverage is ready for use and it is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your previous day’s labor, you will relish it even more.

Making café frappe takes time for you have to keep milk in the freezer for chilling for at least 1 hour before you start preparing this cool coffee variant and when it’s ready, you will again have to repeat this process.

The ingredients include milk, whipping cream, sugar, coffee powder, water, and ice cubes.

Almost all these things will enter your cream dispenser post heating, mixing, and cooling. And one recharge with a first-rate cream charger like MagicWhip should suffice. Serving café frappe is an art and if you ace it, all your effort will really be worth it.


White Russian Espresso

Preparing White Russian Espresso is not going to take too much of your time as your real effort will only go into readying coffee liqueur and espresso.

The whipped cream required for this refreshing potion can be prepared in a jiffy by putting milk and heavy cream in your cream dispenser and then recharging it once with a cream charger like MagicWhip that is unlike the small whip cream chargers or cheap cream chargers that one buys wholesale.

Russian Espresso


As you put vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso in a glass, fill it up with ice cubes, and top it up with fresh cream topping, your White Russian Espresso will be ready.


Irish Cream Latte

You will ultimately be holding a glass of hot milk with coffee mixed in it and Irish cream at the top. Irish cream requires one-hour chilling once it is ready. So, you will have to make time twice from your busy schedule, although not much, to prepare this drink.

irish cream latte

In your first break, you can ready the Irish cream in your cream dispenser that should not take more than 20 minutes. After all, you just have to melt white chocolate in microwave and mix it in cream and Irish cream syrup.

Heating will lead to faster dissolution. Once the chocolate is dissolved completely, you can put the mixture in your cream dispenser that you will have to recharge once with a proper cream charger like MagicWhip.

Then as mentioned before, you will have to shake the canister vigorously and keep it in the freezer for 1 hour.

Next time, you just have to pour hot milk in a glass, mix coffee in it, and as you put the cold Irish cream on top, you will be proud of yourself for having made a perfect Irish Cream Latte.

Drinking coffee will never be the same again as you try out the above options and regularly at that.