Cream Chargers and Cream Dispensers - How To Use

Know How Cream Charger and Dispenser Work in Tandem

It is common knowledge that a cream dispenser does not work on its own. The nitrous oxide that you find in a whipping siphon is sourced from the cream charger that is attached to it.

So, when you understand the modus operandi of a cream whipper and the equally important role of a cream charger, you will have better idea of what exactly happens as you prepare a recipe using both. In the process, you will also realize that the art of cooking is not an art but a science.

We also need to dwell on the characteristics of nitrous oxide. Because N2O is less soluble in water, the whipped cream that you get is anything but fizzy.

And rather than being acidic, N2O is neutral; consequently,it lends no flavor to the thing it passes through, which is why it is used in the preparation of sweets and drinks. And the best thing about N2O is that on being held under pressure, it dissolves in fat.

This explains why liquid shaving at least 27% fat are easier to whip in cream dispensers. And where fat is missing, you can add it separately in the form of butter to enable N2O toplay its part.

Whipped cream preparation happens in a high-pressure environment. And the first step that you take to this end is firmly closing the head of the dispenser after adding the contents that you would like to convert into foam.

The cream charger then exerts pressure from its side, forcing nitrous oxide to dissolve in the ingredients that you are using. Based on the recipe that you are preparing, you must take the aforementioned step when the contents have not cooled down to allow the gas to penetrate right into the molecules.

When you pull the trigger, the nitrous oxide trapped inside begins to expand. Most recipes have some kind of fat or thickening agent to ensure the gas does not just vanish into the air.

When you have knowledge of the things that we have discussed above, you will have better know-how of how to go about making cream dispenser recipes.

On a parting note, you must give sufficient time to nitrous oxide to mix properly with the contents in your whipper, shake the container vigorously in the end to distribute the gas evenly, and have no seeds, bits,lumps in your mixture that might cause blockage in the nozzle.

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